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Application Notes

The table below lists a variety of different assays and applications that have been validated on the PlexArray SPRi system. You can read more about these applications and assays by clicking on the individual Application Note codes in the left column of the table.

Plexera offers custom services based upon the applications listed here, will work with interested customers to fit their particular application needs. Please see our Contract Research page for more information.

Application NoteDescriptionLigand on ChipInteractionAvailable ServiceRelated Product
AN-1000 SPRi Demonstration Array Chip KitMultiple ligandsMultiple InteractionsDemo Chip Kit
AN-1001 SPRi-based Lectin Array Chip glycoprotein screening applicationLectinLectin - GlycoproteinLectin Array Chip Kit
AN-1002 Deglycosylation analysis using the SPRi-based lectin arrayLectinLectin - GlycoproteinLectin Array Chip Kit
AN-1003 Glycan competition assay, using the SPRi-based lectin arrayLectinLectin - GlycoproteinLectin Array Chip Kit
AN-1004 Sandwich SPRi assay for defining glycoforms in complex samplesAntibodyAntibody - Lectin 
AN-1005 Mouse monoclonal antibody affinity measurementAntibodyAntibody - Antigen
AN-1006 Using an antibody array to analyze cellular phosphorylated proteinsProteinProtein - Antibody
AN-1007 Utilizing paired TNFα antibodies for assay developmentAntibodyAntibody - Antigen
AN-1008 Using a peptide antigen array for scFv selectionPeptidePeptide - scFv
AN-1009 Comparing and analyzing bacterial DNA-specific sequencesDNADNA - DNAInquire
AN-1010 SPRi-based Peptide Array Chip for viral disease diagnosisPeptidePeptide - Antibody
AN-1011 Lipase CalB and 4-Nitrophenyl octanoate interactionEnzymeEnzyme - SubstrateInquire
AN-1012 The Nucleic Acid Programmable Protein Array (NAPPA) chipCellular ProteinsMultiple InteractionsInquire
AN-1013 Anti-stem cell antibody arrays for stem cell differentiationAntibodyAntibody - Cellular Proteins
AN-1014 Screening glycan binding proteins with a SPRi-based glycan arrayGlycanGlycan - Lectin/Antibody and other proteinsInquire

Additional Notes will be periodically added to our website as additional applications are demonstrated. Please continue to check back for updates.

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