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“Information is Power”

Plexera® LLC manufactures ultra-high throughput Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi) instruments for the life sciences market. Users of the Plexera platform are provided with tools, content, and application methods that simplify and accelerate the process of drug discovery and development.

The study of proteomics presents researchers with costly analytical challenges due to the complexity and size of individual proteomes. When you consider the number of biologic interactions, the complexity grows exponentially. Researchers’ need for information has outpaced currently available technology. KX Array™ Technology developed by Plexera addresses this complexity and the need for more information by combining label free, real-time detection methods with microarray based, high density assay formats. KX Array™ Technology utilizes SPRi, which provides a cost effective, high throughput solution for detecting and quantifying the binding and concentration of thousands of proteins in a single experiment.

Market applications target biomarker screening and discovery, biomolecular interactions of genomic materials and drug interactions. The bench scientist seeking new targets, pharmacologists seeking the pharmaco-dynamics of a drug or clinicians determining the efficacy of a drug, will all benefit from the information derived from the use of the Plexera platform.

Plexera operates a manufacturing and development site in Woodinville near Seattle, Washington, and an applications and contract research site at the Institute of Systems Biology in Seattle, as well as an application and engineering site in Beijing, China.

Plexera maintains several collaborative relationships both in the US and in Asia with leading academic and research institutions.

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