Solutions for Functional Proteomics

Institute for Systems Biology

Researchers at ISB are using the PlexArray™ System to establish reproducible, specific and predictive biomarkers.

About ISB

The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) is an internationally-renowned, non-profit research institute, dedicated to the study and application of systems biology. ISB's goal is to unravel the mysteries of human biology, and identify strategies for predicting and preventing diseases such as cancer, diabetes and AIDS. The driving force behind the innovative "systems" approach is the integration of biology, computation, and technology. This approach allows scientists to analyze all of the elements in a system, rather than one gene or protein at a time. Located in Seattle, Washington, the Institute has grown to 11 faculty, and more than 170 staff members; an annual budget of more than $25 million; and an extensive network of academic and industrial partners.

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