Solutions for Functional Proteomics

Medical Univ. of South Carolina

Researchers at MUSC are developing a new mitochondrial proteome chip, which will be integrated with the PlexArray™ and used to measure in vivo changes in mitochondrial protein expression levels and post-translational modifications. Changes in the mitochondrial proteome have been linked with a number of pathologies, including drug toxicity, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease.  As a result, it is expected that the combination of MUSC’s mitochondrial chip and the PlexArray™ System will have extensive applications in basic sciences, drug discovery, and clinical research.

About MUSC

The Medical University of South Carolina's mission is to preserve and optimize human life in South Carolina and beyond. MUSC is the core of the state’s largest medical complex, its only tertiary/quaternary care referral center, as well as its only free-standing academic health center. The university offers a full range of programs in the biomedical and health sciences, serving as a setting for clinical research, contributing financial, facility and intellectual resources to conduct research, and providing opportunity for appropriate participation of hospital patients in research and treatment protocols. MUSC is listed by the National Science Foundation as one of the top 100 universities and colleges in the nation for garnering federal dollars for science and engineering.

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