Solutions for Functional Proteomics

Partnering Opportunities

We are developing the PlexArray™ System for defined applications in the life sciences research and drug discovery markets. These applications include antibody, small molecule and biomarker discovery. The benefits of our products for these applications - label-free, single ligand assay technology, high-throughput processing, and kinetic characterization - also apply to other uses.

We welcome inquires from companies who wish to investigate our PlexArray™ System for additional applications including:


Co-Development Opportunities

Plexera’s knowledge base in the immobilization of antibodies, proteins and other molecules on microarray slides, and in the design and manufacture of innovative analytical instrumentation can be accessed for the co-development of a partner’s assay platform. Plexera® encourages inquiries from interested parties to discuss the suitability of a potential co-development partnership.


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