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Lectin Array Chip Kit

The Plexera Lectin Array Chip Kit — providing a convenient way for users to perform high throughput biomarker screening, kinetic determination, structural identification, and label-free characterization of glycoproteins in real time.



Glycosylation is one of the most common post-translational modifications that occur naturally in proteins. The dysregulation of glycosylation is associated with a wide range of diseases. Thus, the study of the glycome holds the key to new pathological biomarker discoveries. The combination of Plexera's PlexArray® SPRi instrument and high density Nanocapture® Lectin Array Chip provides our customers a unique high-throughput platform for glycoprotein screening. This technology takes advantage of the key roles lectins play in many biological pathways, and helps scientists elucidate the important dynamic functions of the glycome.

The Lectin Array platform includes 41 different lectins from seven glycan binding moieties. Three technical replicates of lectins and controls are printed on the same chip, and 270 reactions can be monitored simultaneously. The Lectin Array Nanocapture chip has been tested for long term stability and resistance to a multitude of regeneration solutions and cycles. It can be used many times for binding assays without the need for replacement. Additional details and supporting documentation and information are available in the Lectin Array Application Note and Poster.

Kit Components

The Lectin Array Kit packages contain either one or two array chips, printed with lectins that recognize seven different glycan structures: acetygalactosamiyl, mannosyl, galactosyl, fucosyl, sialic acid, acetyglucosamine, and neu5Ac. The kit also contains either two or four reference analytes for the purpose of demonstrating a multitude of lectin binding abilities and practical applications. The appropriate buffers are supplied as well.

Lectin Array Applications

glycoform characterization

Glycan structure determination from purified transferrin analysis

Glycoform Characterization

  • Kinetics determination
  • Glycan structure determination from a single purified glycoprotein
  • Low concentration glycoprotein signal amplification
  • Concentration determination
glycol biomarkers

Glycoform profile from human serum

Disease Relevant Glycol-biomarkers

  • Glycan profiling directly from serum/plasma
  • Glycoprotein identification with mass spectrum assistance
  • Cancer related biomarkers

Cell Surface Glycome Profiling

  • Glycoform determination from complex cell lysate mixtures

Pathogen Glycan Characterization

  • Glycan structure determination from masked pathogens
  • Bacterial Tropism identification
  • Viral glycoform from isolators

Stem Cell Biomarker Discovery

Altered Glycan Structure

New Glycoprotein Discovery

  • Glycoprotein identification using a lectin-antibody sandwich


  • High-throughput, real-time, label-free SPRi-based array
  • Quantitative kinetic analysis
  • Time and cost efficient
  • Reusable chip (minimum 10 assays per chip)
  • Minimal sample quantity
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Wild range and high-throughput applications for screening and biomarker discoveries
  • No depletion, minimizing sample pre-treatment

Ordering Information

To place an order for one of the available kits listed below, please contact Plexera at The PlexArray® Lectin Array Kit I is also included with the purchase of any PlexArray® HT instrument. Individual chips are also available for purchase as well.

Product Content ID No Price Detail
PlexArray® Lectin Array Kit I
  • 1x Lectin Array Chip
  • Assay buffers
  • Regeneration buffer
  • System and positive controls
  • 2 analyte reagents
BG-L-K001 Inquire for price PDF manual
PlexArray® Lectin Array Kit II
  • 1x Lectin Array Chip
  • Assay buffers
  • Regeneration buffer
  • System and positive controls
  • 4 analyte reagents
BG-L-K002 Inquire for price PDF manual
PlexArray® Lectin Array Kit I II
  • 2x Lectin Array Chip
  • Assay buffers
  • Regeneration buffer
  • System and positive controls
  • 4 analyte reagents
BG-L-K003 Inquire for price PDF manual

Available Service Packages

Contract service packages are available for all customers who are interested in screening and characterizing glycoforms from different sample types. To learn more about the variety of Service Packages offered by Plexera, please visit our Lectin Array CRO Services page.

Custom Lectin Array Chips

All lectins listed in Plexera's Lectin Array Pool can be incorporated into a Lectin Array designed specifically to fit the needs of any customer. Customers may use the Lectin Pool to select individual lectins of interest, and to create a custom Nanocapture Lectin Array Chip. Additionally, lectins provided by the customer can be incorporated by Plexera into custom chips. Please contact Plexera for more information on pricing and production time necessary for custom arrays.


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