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PlexArray® HT

PlexArray HT

PlexArray HT

Instrument Control Software

DAS (Data Analysis Software)

The PlexArray HT is a high-throughput surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi) platform that provides full kinetics for label-free biomolecular interactions. The PlexArray HT was designed to reduce data acquisition times and provide researchers with low cost methods to accelerate their discovery and screening pipelines.

Advanced optics, specialized software, and the selection of Nanocapture® Sensor Chips with application specific surface chemistries enable simultaneous measurement of high density and unique ligand/analyte interactions on a single array.

The PlexArray HT is an easy to use bench top device that requires smaller amounts of valuable samples while interrogating more than 10 times the number of targets in a single assay as compared to other SPR based systems.

Features of the PlexArray HT include:

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