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Demo Chip Kit

Providing a convenient way for users to perform 8 common experiments in one chip


The Plexera Demo Chip has been developed and designed for use and demonstration with Plexera's PlexArray® Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging instrument, due to its high capacity and wide range of applications. This unique platform combines the microarray chip format with SPR, so that all users can easily and efficiently study multiple interactions between several kinds of molecules, in a multiplexed assay format.

The chip has been printed with a variety of well characterized ligands, and typical binding assays can be easily performed using only a few sets of ligands and analytes. While the Demo Chip provides the user with a low density array, the kit allows the user to become familiar with the instrument, and explore the capacity of the high-throughput array format and capabilities of the chip and instrument. The Demo Chip has been tested for long term stability and resistance to a multitude of regeneration solutions and cycles. It can be used many times for binding assays without the need for replacement.

Kit Components

The Demo Chip package contains one array chip, printed with a variety of molecules, including proteins, antibodies, and lectins. Additionally, analytes and the appropriate buffers are provided to demonstrate a multitude of binding profiles, calculate the kinetics of different molecular interactions, and clean the fluidics of the instrument. Enough analyte is provided to perform five replicates of each experiment.

Typical Cases

Results from a Kinetic Series SPRi Assay

  • Strong Binding
  • Weak Binding
  • Small-Large Molecule Interactions
  • Cross Reactivity and Multiple Interactions
  • Signal Amplification — Step Up
  • Complex Formation In Vitro
  • Kinetic Series
  • Concentration Determination


  • High-throughput, real-time, label-free SPRi-based array
  • Quantitative kinetic analysis
  • Time and cost efficient
  • Reusable chip
  • Minimal sample needed for assay
  • Wild range of applications covering small and large molecules

Ordering Information

To place an order for one of the available kits listed below, please contact Plexera, at

Product Content ID No Price Detail
PlexArray® Demo Kit I
  • Included with instrument purchase
  • Complete contents of Demo Kit IV
BG-DE-K001 Included with Instrument PDF manual
PlexArray® Demo Kit II
  • 1x Demo Chip
  • Manual
BG-DE-K002 Inquire for price PDF manual
PlexArray® Demo Kit III
  • 1x Demo Chip
  • Assay buffers
  • Analyte reagents
  • 5 reactions per analyte
  • Manual
BG-DE-K003 Inquire for price PDF manual
PlexArray® Demo Kit IV
  • 2x Demo Chip
  • Assay buffers
  • Analyte reagents
  • 10 reactions per analyte
  • Manual
BG-DE-K004 Inquire for price PDF manual


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