Solutions for Functional Proteomics

KX Array™ Technology

Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi) is a well-established leading technology for measuring binding association (ka) and dissociation rates (kd), affinities (KD), and concentrations for biomolecular interactions such as antibody-antigen, protein-protein, DNA-DNA, and small molecule-protein. By combining these analytical advantages with microarray assay formats, Plexera® LLC created KX Array Technology to enable multiplexed label-free, kinetic analysis of several thousand biomolecular interactions in a single experiment.


Kinetic characterization by SPRi and other methods is already an important step for drug researchers selecting and characterizing novel therapeutics as well as for life scientists investigating specific biological binding events. KX Array Technology not only promises to substantially improve the throughput for these applications, they also offer significant advantages over current protein array technologies that require additional labeling and provide only qualitative end-point data. By monitoring reactions in real-time, KX Array Technology enables multiplexed quantitative analysis of absolute and relative specificities, affinities, and concentrations without potential data bias introduced by label-based detection methods. Now proteomic researchers learn not only what is binding, but how well, how much, and for how long.


Potential Applications

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