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Nanocapture® Sensor Chips

Sensor Chip

KX5 Sensor Chip with Flow Cell cover

Nanocapture® Sensor Chips are specialized sensors with application specific surface chemistries for immobilizing array content for analysis using the PlexArray® HT.

Nanocapture Sensor Chips consist of a gold-layered surface compatible with most commercially available protein microarray printers. Following printing of user-defined content, a specially designed Nanocapture® Sensor Chip Cover is attached to create a flow chamber through which sample analyte and processing reagents are passed. Binding events are then detected and monitored via surface plasmon resonance.

Advantages of Nanocapture® Sensor Chips:

Nanocapture Sensor Chips
  • Flow cell sample volume of 30 uL
  • Application flexibility with open application and specific surface application chemistries
  • Low, non-specific binding providing high signal-to-noise ratios
  • Flexible array density for low to high density array applications
  • Selectable array spot size for application optimization
  • Plug-and-Play functionality with the PlexArray® HT

Plexera's Nanocapture® Surface Chemistries

Nanocapture Gold

  • Allows for easy immobilization of a multitude of proteins and antibodies
  • Minimal Surface Preparation
  • Low cost

Nanocapture SAM

  • Two-dimensional surface chemistry that utilizes functional-group-terminated polymer chains
  • Reduces background binding when compared to Nanocapture Gold
  • Enables the use of customized linker groups, which increases the versatility of the surface
  • Directionally immobilizes and orients ligands for increased accuracy in kinetic fitting
  • Compatible with a wide range of ligands

Nanocapture SIP

  • Utilizes three-dimensional polymer brush chains to achieve increased immobilization capacity
  • Leads to increased signal/sensitivity
  • Compatible with a wide range of ligands

Nanocapture DT

  • Hydrogel surface density can be tailored to the application
  • Assembled using controlled densities of dextran chains
  • Three-dimensional surface provides increased immobilization capacity
  • Retains ligand compatibility of Nanocapture SAM and Nanocapture SIP

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